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How CompleteCare Works


In exchange for not having to contribute to an employee’s health plan premiums, employer cover all eligible out-of-pocket costs incurred on an alternate group plan, premium reimbursement (if applicable) and fees.


Claim reimbursement costs are limited by the alternate plan’s annual out-of-pocket maximums which can be considerably lower than the Affordable Care Act’s maximum out-of-pocket limits.


Employees are offered up to a 100% coverage experience through the reimbursement of their eligible:


Deductibles, Co-pays, Coinsurance and Prescriptions.

Example: Susan's Surgery


Susan has decided that she is going to enroll in CompleteCare. She has enrolled on her husband Bill’s group health plan and has submitted the proper paperwork. She is happy with the move but there are some differences in
the benefits:


Susan has an unexpected medical emergency and requires surgery as well as prescription medication. The following table shows the out-of-pockets savings that Susan would experience with CompleteCare:

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