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Who is Eligible?
It's a Win-Win Solution


By transferring the medical plan cost to the spouse’s employer, employers save money immediately. CompleteCare can lower the employer’s cost and improve experience by encouraging frequent utilizers to take advantage of the plan’s benefits. Employees win by having no out-of-pocket expense without an additional premium.

Employees Win


  • Reimbursed for all qualified out-of-pocket expenses

    • co-pays

    • deductibles

    • coinsurance

    • prescription

  • Provides financial relief, especially for high utilizers

  • Participation is voluntary

  • Gives eligible employees up to 100% coverage on their medical expense

  • Does not take away current benefit options

Employers Win


  • Immediate savings that grow with participation

  • Transfers risk

  • Limits liabilities and controls benefits cost

  • Provides targeted opportunity to vacate high cost claims

  • No changes to current benefits

  • More benefit options for your employees

Find out if CompleteCare is right for you!

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